3D Walls

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62,5×80 cm Models

Eldecowall Bamboo 3D wall panels are perfect for creating an eye-catching feature or a more subtle and interesting texture on the walls. The Properly placed lighting will dramatically enhance the three dimensional effect of the panels by increasing light and shadow and give an extra dimension At this moment there are more than a 20 different models of Eldeco 3d wall panels available.

Our 3d panels are used in a wide range of commercial and domestic applications of ;

* Foyers and reception areas including reception desk fronts

* Show rooms, board rooms, offices, , lift linings

* Shopping centres, shop fit out and merchandising

* Exhibitions and trade expos

* Restaurants, cafes, bars and bar fronts

* Club refurbishments

* Set design and backs for television or stage

* Government buildings such as court houses, council buildings, hospitals, libraries, schools,universities, museums, airports etc.

* Retirement villages and aged care facilities

* Feature walls and dado walls for living rooms, family rooms and home theatres Outdoor rooms (if not subject to the elements)